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Brutal Mania io

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Brutalmania io is an unusual multiplayer brutal game. You have to be in the gladiator arena. Of course, you will have to start from a simple warrior level, but you can pump your hero. To do this, wander through the field, collect energy balls, destroy enemies and earn money. will be able to earn additional bonuses every day by entering the game. The essence of the game “Brutal Mania IO” is to organize the development of shots with the improved weapons and the purchase of a new race. Control your avatar by bringing the cursor to the places where the red balls accumulate. The clicks of the left mouse button and the right and attack accelerate during retraction, but note that the acceleration consumes the energy of the collected areas and weakens your character. In the “Improvements” section, the acceleration with training is much more effective. At the expense of them, they are continuously pumped to endurance and the levels of unlocking more powerful weapons are increased. Therefore, the second recommendation of the rapid evolution of the ları Brutal Bu is to measure forces and attack to dodge potentially dangerous enemies. Your avatar is shaking with the lowest degree of evolution, but with the maximum endurance level, you can defeat any player with good armor and expensive weapons, provided you consume energy.